powerpoint templates that will change your presentation game
10 PowerPoint Templates That Will Change Your Presentation Game

Much of 2020 has been spent indoors, with most crucial business activities and education being run through virtual communication platforms. With work from home, we are all endowed with the task of giving presentations every once in a while. Therefore, to save you precious time researching the content and organizing it into a presentation, we have short-listed ten PowerPoint templates offered by SketchBubble that can help you deliver an outstanding slideshow with impact.

Templates To Boost Your Presentations

  1. Vision Mission Statement

If you want to outline the tasks and goals that must be achieved in the near future, this template is the right fit for…

company presentations things your prospects want you to include and exclude
Company Presentations — Things to Include and Exclude

The most critical moment for every business is its presentations before prospects. These meetings can put the balls in your court or can take them away. Thus, what truly matters here is your ability to deliver a presentation that includes everything your audience wants to hear and excludes all that they look down upon.

This can be done by prioritizing certain slides of core importance on your presentation and making sure to do away with needless ones. Therefore, we have sorted certain things that you must and must not embed in your slides in such conferences.

Things that Must be Included

  1. Talk About Your Company…

Visual Storytelling & Brand Image
Visual Storytelling: A Quick Way to Enhance Your Brand Image -SketchBubble

The role of visuals is important not only in blogs and social media posts but also in your business presentations intended to increase your brand image. No matter how beautifully you have compiled your experiences and emotions in your brand story, if you don’t have given it a touch up with gripping visuals, you might not be able to get the expected traction.

In this blog post, we will discuss how you can take your brand image to the next level through visual storytelling. Read on!

Some Incredible Stats that Attest the Power of Visuals

A picture is worth a thousand words — this fact is evident from the…

powerpoint templates for outstanding company profile
9 PowerPoint Templates to Build an Outstanding Company Profile

What draws your potential client’s attention towards your company? It is mostly the first impression of your business which is created through the company profile. Therefore, it is extremely crucial for you to have a profile that is well-organized, portraying all the necessary information.

Creating such profiles from scratch can often be a nightmare for those who are not so good with technology. Thus, using templates that already contain the required graphics and texts can make this task easier and faster. We have shortlisted ten such decks of slides that will assist you in crafting an outstanding company profile.

  1. Mission/Vision

public speaking skills
8 Ways to Grow Your Business Leveraging Public Speaking Skills

When it comes to acquiring new customers and growing your small business to the global level, you will find several books in the market, videos on social media, and blogs on the internet providing a plethora of tips. Only a few of them spotlight the power of public speaking! Though public speaking allows business owners to put across their message in front of the right audience, at the right time, in a meaningful and convincing manner, it is touted as the number one fear of all time. …

Do you ever sit for a conference and get captivated by the simplicity of their presentations and the ease with which they communicate their ideas? Do you know what makes them stand apart? It is their wise use of icons that allows them to convey their messages to the audience in an effective and less time-consuming manner. If you haven’t heard of icons before, we have an entire guide for you right here that will help you learn how to use them strategically.

What are Presentation Icons?

Presentation icons are graphic symbols that illustrate a particular idea, notion, or message. They are simplified means…


Want to get your message across effectively, but does it seem like a tough nut to crack? The key is to make sure that the tone of your voice and body language don’t distract from the main message. Utilizing hand movements and facial expressions effectively can empower you to present your ideas constructively and project confidence. Though it might seem overwhelming to have so many things to worry about during your presentation, in reality, with just a couple of changes and consistent practice, your body language can do wonders for you.

Here are fatal body language mistakes that can derail a presentation and should be avoided while expressing yourself:

1. Movement of the Hands — One of the…

Humor: The Backbone of any Presentation and How to Embed it on Stage

Ever wonder how some people are perennially remembered by their audiences more than others? Take a look back at all the events, conferences, and meetings that you have witnessed. Which one are you most likely to re-attend? It is probably going to be the one where the speaker made you laugh with a meaningful message alongside.

If you can make somebody laugh, you’ve already got 90% of their minds into your speech. The next 10% comes with how you integrate humor with your presentation in an effective way. Let us look at some key points of this blog.

Why is Humor Essential for Your Audience?

Human psychology…

killer presentation ideas to keep your audience interested from start to finish
7 Killer Presentation Ideas to Keep Your Audience Interested from Start to Finish

Keeping the audience engaged throughout the presentation is no easy task, as their attention spans are getting considerably shorter. You get just a few minutes to pique the interest of your viewers and hijack their focus for an effective presentation. Noticing a few of the audience getting restless or yawning halfway through a presentation can be pretty demotivating. Therefore, it is essential to deliver an engaging presentation and connect with the audience to show that you value them.

To get them close to embracing your ideas, you can use these seven tips and instantly captivate them.

1. Break the Ice — It is important to remember that a presentation is not a speech where you just have to…

public speaking
Public Speaking: How to Use the Stage Effectively?

Let us look at an example from the past to understand how utilizing the stage like a pro can help you get the ball in your court.

Have you wondered the difference between Martin Luther King and his contemporaries? What was that one significant quality of the earlier that made him stand out from the crowd to be remembered by generations? Perhaps, he used his stage effectively when he spoke. He spoke with unshakable confidence with a rhythm that had no match.

Now the question is, how can we inculcate the same practices and use the stage effectively while presenting? Consider the following.

  1. Make Stage First Impression

Most of the presenters believe that they can make an impressive first impression through…

SketchBubble offers fully editable, Professionally designed, visually stunning PowerPoint templates, themes, maps and background on a variety of topics.

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