10 Helpful Tips for Public Speaking from the Best TED Talks

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10 Useful Tips to Present Like a TED Talk Pro

If you have ever watched and listened to TED Talks, you may have felt mesmerized and completely enthralled with the way truly great speakers deliver their speeches. Have you wondered what TED speakers do differently than other speakers that they spellbind the audience in the first few minutes of their presentation? What is unique about these talks that they are viewed over 2 million times a day?

Starting in 1984, TED Talks went through various ups and downs to bring an innovative transformation in public speaking. TED Talks blended three different fields, i.e., design, entertainment, and technology, and entirely changed the way conference events are done. In today’s era, TED Talks have set new rules for public speaking and raised the bar for persuasive business presentations.

In this blog post, we have shared some useful public speaking tips. If you are also preparing for your upcoming presentation, follow these tips to deliver your speech like a TED Talk pro.

  1. The Event Needs Not to be Big

Most people believe that their speech will have a far-reaching impact only if they speak at the big and renowned events. But this is not completely true. Contrary to this, if you speak at a small conference having an audience with an influential network, and your speech is effective, your audience will make it viral.

2. Personalized Stories and Perfect Timings — The Key Ingredients of a Winning Presentation

A time-bound talk infused with humor, relevant anecdotes, and inspiring stories resonates well with the audience and keeps them engaged. Stories also spark an emotional response and trigger the listeners to take some action. Furthermore, finishing your speech on time is important; otherwise, your audience will become uneasy and stop listening to you as they don’t have long attention spans. TED Talks are typically 18 minutes long.

In one of her TED Talks, Brene Brown captured the attention of the audience by commencing her speech with an anecdote. She further continued by telling stories. Take a look!


3. Inspire Yourself to Encourage Others

Unleash the master within you to present on the subject matter with efficiency and effectiveness. You won’t be able to persuade your audience until and unless you inspire yourself. Moreover, you can make a meaningful connection with the listeners only if you are passionate about the topic you would be presenting.

See how Tony Robbins, one of the renowned TED Talk speakers, transformed the aura of the hall with his energetic and vibrant speech. His high-spirits reflect his commitment to deliver as much value as possible to the audience in the given timeframe.


4. Give Your Audience a New Way of Looking at the World

Novel experiences spur the human brain and boost memory retention. You can encourage the audience to think out of their preconceived notions by adding an unanticipated, remarkable, and unusual element or information in your presentation.

See how the suspenseful promise made by Amy Cuddy to the audience in her opening lines that they will be learning something important later in the presentation kept them hooked.


5. Add Emotionally Competent Stimulus

Incorporate mind-boggling information in your presentation to evoke a strong emotional response such as surprise, shock, fear, or joy in the audience. It will captivate the attention of the audience and keep them talking about the presentation long after it is over.

Dan Gilbert, a Harvard psychologist and TED Talk speaker, introduced his talk with a startling fact, which he beautifully portrayed through visually impressive graphics. This helped him gain the interest of the audience in the initial 30 seconds of the presentation. Watch the complete talk here!


6. Represent Your Ideas with Images

No matter which presentation platform you use, you must always keep your slides clutter-free. Instead of large chunks of text, use visual illustrations, pictures, or powerful images to share your information and ideas in a more compelling manner.

7. Engage Your Audience with Mixed Media

Make your presentation more vibrant, energetic, and dynamic by leveraging mixed media. You can use props, handouts, audios, and videos to engross your audience, help them better understand your content, and reinforce the key takeaways.

8. Pay Heed to Emotional Connection over Content

No matter how much surprising facts and information you include in your presentation, it won’t make your speech successful if your audience doesn’t resonate with it. Frame your speech around the intent and message that you want your audience to take away with them. In a nutshell, talk to persuade the viewers rather than to inform them.

9. Don’t Use Filler Words

Filler words, such as “Ah,” “Um,” “You Know,” etc., reduce the impact of your presentation and undermine your credibility. The best ways to eliminate filler words are to slow down your speech, take pauses where required, and keep your mind relaxed while delivering the presentation.

10. Give a Clue that Your Presentation is About to Over

Don’t end your presentation abruptly. Conclude your speech with a strong call to action, giving a clear indication to the audience that it is about to close. It will allow them to gear up for the final thoughts and key takeaways.

The Inference

There is no one specific reason for the popularity of TED Talks. The TED speakers combine the science of persuasion, passion, emotion, relevant props and visual aids with their speech to change the mindset of the audience and encourage them to think in a different way. If you also want to rock your next speaking engagements, infuse the TED’s explosive energy and key success factors in your presentations.

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