5 Must-Have Escalation Matrices for Your Business Presentations

Ashish Arora
4 min readMay 6, 2022


Every business has its days when its customers face problems, and while most of these issues get resolved quickly, some of them take longer than usual until they are finally dismissed. These cases are then resolved using a strategically crafted escalation matrix.

What is an Escalation Matrix, and Why Does Your Organization Need One?

Let us understand it this way — suppose you placed an order online, and your shipment gets misplaced. You file for a refund, but the process has been taking too long. What is the first thing you’d do? Call up the customer service desk and ask for a solution. But what if their answers do not satisfy you? You will ask them to connect you with a higher authority, and within a few minutes, you will find a mail in your inbox that says ‘Ticket Escalated.’

This escalation process is a way of ensuring that your problem gets solved at the will of a hat, guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction. This is where an escalation matrix comes in handy — it lays down every individual’s roles and instigates clear communication within the team. It can also help company executives and departmental heads explain the process of communication with clients and ways of handling a support ticket.

There are various types of escalation matrices used for different purposes. Here are a few –

1. General Escalation Matrix

This is a basic matrix that can be used for addressing any condition. It can be seen as an organized flowchart that demarcates hierarchies, functionalities, and automation.

It mentions the problems identified, a timeline of events that have occurred under the current issue, the hierarchy of human resources, etc. It will bring your workforce under one roof by channeling clear lines of communication and will contribute to faster resolution of the query.

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2. Problem Escalation Matrix

This comes in handy for project managers, industrial trainers, and senior staff members. It is an excellent means for making employees and junior workforces more capable of handling problems before they even spring up.

Using a problem escalation matrix ensures that escalation and execution go hand-in-hand and creates an efficient problem-solving process.

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3. Project Escalation Matrix

This is usually used by C-suite executives and business leaders. It is useful for notifying the management of any errors that may occur, such as technical glitches, lack of resources, delivery issues, etc. It is a medium for ensuring efficient work and providing clarity on gnomic roles and responsibilities.

The project escalation matrix also includes the current status of the problem, actions being taken, the estimated date for its resolution, and whether the problem requires an escalation or not.

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4. Five-Step Escalation Matrix

Having a well-structured emergency escalation plan allows businesses to operate effectively and provide a much higher customer satisfaction rate. A step-by-step escalation process includes various levels of planning that can be used in times of need. It leaves no room for chaos and saves innumerable hours during any predicament situation, paving the way for a faster resolution. Therefore, creating a tactical matrix can be extremely fruitful for organizations.

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5. Escalation Pyramid

This visually appealing template can be used in your presentations to instantly capture the attention of your employees. It lays down various hierarchical escalation roles and people to whom the problem will be transferred if they aren’t resolved by the base level staff.

For instance, if a ticket remains unresolved by the service desk, it goes to the team leads. If the latter fails to provide a solution, it further gets transferred to the department of service relationship management, and so on, until it finally goes to the service director.

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Whenever your organization is struck by an unfortunate incident, you need to be hands-on with it. In such situations, you need a team of people from various departments with specialized skills who can address the concerns. Well-designed templates for the escalation matrix can help you illustrate the issue resolution process to customers.

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