6 Fail Proof Ways to Protect Your Presentation

Ashish Arora
2 min readSep 19, 2022


Imagine yourself standing on the stage to deliver a presentation, and as soon as you start your slides, you realize that they have been edited and morphed.

Well, here is another scenario — you are ready to present your strategies to your boss, and one of your co-workers delivers your exact same presentation before you do! This is something that scares most of us, right?

Well, to avoid any of this from happening, it is vital to use certain techniques that will help you protect your presentation. Here are six such methods that you can use to do so.

1. Restricted Access

This typically means providing access to only a certain group of people. This can vary from teammates to registered members. This also restricts viewers from editing, copying, or printing your content.

2. Set a Strong Password

Using a password on a PowerPoint presentation will allow people to view it only after entering the given password. This ensures an additional layer of security for your presentation, as only selected people will be able to go through your slides.

3. Use a Copyright

This is, by far, one of the most important things to do to protect your presentation. If you own creative work and want to safeguard it, using a Copyright symbol © can help you do the needful. You can even use a slide to display the parts of your presentation that are originally yours and are covered under the copyright.

4. Add Watermark to All Slides

This is one of the smartest ways to make sure that your content does not get copied. You can add a watermark on every slide. This could be your company logo, your name, organization’s name, etc. Make sure to reduce the transparency of the watermark, so that it does not overshadow the content on your slides.

5. Obtain a Digital Signature

A digital signature adds another level of protection to your presentations. It can be obtained from Microsoft and states whether your file is original, copied, or has been altered. In case of a copyright conflict, it proves that the file has its origin from your program and helps you get the ball in your court.

6. Store it on an Encrypted Device

The best way to avoid a cyber attack that steals your data and original creations is by storing your presentations on an encrypted device. This keeps your presentation secure as it would not be accessible to a new device without a decryption key.


Our world runs on innumerable presentations that we consider to be our most important assets. Thus, it is necessary to prevent them from any threats or infringements and follow certain practices that can help us maintain their security.



Ashish Arora

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