Company Presentations — Things Your Prospects Want You to Include and Exclude

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company presentations things your prospects want you to include and exclude
Company Presentations — Things to Include and Exclude

The most critical moment for every business is its presentations before prospects. These meetings can put the balls in your court or can take them away. Thus, what truly matters here is your ability to deliver a presentation that includes everything your audience wants to hear and excludes all that they look down upon.

This can be done by prioritizing certain slides of core importance on your presentation and making sure to do away with needless ones. Therefore, we have sorted certain things that you must and must not embed in your slides in such conferences.

Things that Must be Included

  1. Talk About Your Company — Philosophy, Market, and Numbers

The easiest way of catching your prospect’s attention is by introducing your company. Talk about the core values and foundations on which you and your team function, let them know the market that you serve at present and intend to serve in the future, show them your growth over a certain period, and most importantly, talk to them in numbers. Put some figures and data on your slides and arrange them aptly so that your prospects will be bound to acknowledge the rise of your business and will be more eager to listen to you.

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2. Include an Overview

Before commencing your presentation, brief your audience with a short overview and convey what all will be included throughout your meeting. You can have a separate slide with bullets that display the agenda, or you can verbally mention it as well. This will prepare them for the time being and will help them stay alert throughout the conference.

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3. Talk about Solutions and Services

If you are clueless about what should be included in this section, answer a few questions and use their answers — What does your company provide? If it is a service or a product-based venture, does it solve any problems? If yes, how does it help people? How are your solutions better and more unique than the rest of the market? What is your USP (Unique Selling Point)?

Remember to add these in an extremely neat manner to emphasize the crucial points that you feel must be heard by your prospects. This will provide you a niche in your sector and help you create a space for your company.

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4. Showcase Your Project

What is a company without its projects? Well, present your case studies, researches, and projects through your slides. Show the entire procedure of project management in a few slides. It is extremely important to prove the success of your projects — this can be done by using data-driven strategies or by including real-time client feedback. It will help your prospects build their trust in you, your venture, and its success.

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8 Key Projects PowerPoint Templates

5. Cheer on Your Team

The most important asset of any company is its team members. A successful business can never be run with average minds; it requires people with excellence beyond imagination. Therefore, don’t just present your team introduction but highlight your employees’ achievements and targets. Cheer on them as if they are the reason behind your triumph. Be willing to showcase their talent, skills, and their contribution to your successes elaborately.

Useful Template -

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Management Team PowerPoint Templates

6. Display Your Project Timeline

To convey your company’s organizational caliber, you must include your collective project timeline. Mention the project titles, add subheadings with purpose and revenue goals, including the names of project managers and team heads, and remember to highlight the expected investment and return. Make your timeline tidy, clean, and extremely organized in order to ensure flawless communication of ideas between your slides and the ones sitting before you.

Useful Template -

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Project Timeline PowerPoint Templates

What Must be Excluded?

  1. Remove Unnecessary Information

Most of the time, we tend to add too much information while trying to tell others about our organizations, which becomes taxing and complicated for the audience. What is necessary is to remove things that do not matter. This could be anything from your company’s media coverage to its social initiatives. You must only include what actually matters to your audience and truly could create an impact on them.

2. Don’t Include Too Many Visuals

Graphics play the most important role in every presentation. However, flooding a ton of visuals can sometimes be considered highly unprofessional, and also, it can fail to convey what needs to be mentioned in detail. Thus, always put a limit to the number of pictorial representations that you wish to use.

3. Say Goodbye to Text-Heavy Slides

This is one of the most common mistakes that most business persons make while crafting their presentations — overloading slides with text and not leaving enough clean space. Such slides not only seem to be visually unpleasing but also unhook your audience’s attention. Therefore, always try to maintain a certain word count per slide to avoid dumping text that is not required.

4. Cut Out on Unwanted Humor

While humor is a great way of catching people’s attention, it can sometimes be misleading and overbearing when used inappropriately. Therefore, always try to plan your humor as per your audience’s backgrounds, and try to cut down on it during a business conference until it does not seem extremely necessary.


A good presentation can help you get abundance, not just in terms of investments, but through more clients, better sales, huge profits, and unstoppable growth. Such is the power of great presenters who know what they bring to the table — they know what must be spoken about and what needs to be kept aside. Thus, the above-mentioned tips will help you become one of those who know exactly what has to be said because that is what will help you achieve victory.

We hope that these points help you triumph in your future endeavors and wish you all the success!



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