10 PowerPoint Templates That Will Change Your Presentation Game

Ashish Arora
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powerpoint templates that will change your presentation game
10 PowerPoint Templates That Will Change Your Presentation Game

Much of 2020 has been spent indoors, with most crucial business activities and education being run through virtual communication platforms. With work from home, we are all endowed with the task of giving presentations every once in a while. Therefore, to save you precious time researching the content and organizing it into a presentation, we have short-listed ten PowerPoint templates offered by SketchBubble that can help you deliver an outstanding slideshow with impact.

Templates To Boost Your Presentations

  1. Vision Mission Statement

If you want to outline the tasks and goals that must be achieved in the near future, this template is the right fit for you. It can be used to showcase the process of setting goals and their implementation. You can make it as detailed as you wish to, as these templates have spiral, sequence, and pyramid diagrams that can hold various pieces of information.

Useful Template -

vision mission statement template
Vision Mission Statement


2. Executive Summary

This template is extremely crucial for businesses, as it helps them portray their management summary, operational processes, and significant highlights. It can be used to present the company’s quarterly finances to potential investors.

The slides consist of high-quality visuals to represent accomplishments, milestones, business plan summary, target audience, summary for performance appraisal, revenue streams, vision and mission, etc.

Useful Template -

Executive summary templates
Executive Summary


3. Introduction Template

Introducing yourself, your team, or company in person is extremely easy, but doing the same through slides can be a little tricky as you must play well with your words and graphics to catch the eyes of your audience. Thus, we have created templates that can help you ease this painstaking task.

a. Self Introduction

Tell the world about yourself with the simplest and most captivating slides. Display your work experience, achievements, education, skills, and personal information.

Useful Template -

about me / self intro presentation
About Me / Self Intro


b. Company Introduction

The way you tell people about your company speaks more of it than the introduction itself. Describing your organization’s position in the industry, vision, mission, and projects must always be done in a highly professional manner. While displaying it on slides sounds easy, it is extremely time-consuming to do it from scratch. Thus, you can take advantage of the pre-designed templates that you can easily mold to make them a perfect fit for your presentations.

Useful Template -

business introduction presentation
Business Introduction


4. Roadmap Templates

These are designed to depict milestones, history, and future goals of a project or organization as a whole. Roadmaps throw light on each one of these to depict the development of projects and the evolution of a company’s services and products. These are shown by pins on a flowing road to depict various stages. These are extremely beneficial for analyzing past developments and planning for future movements.

Useful Template -

growth roadmap templates
Growth Roadmap


5. Pros and Cons

Every coin has two sides, and in order to illustrate both sides of anything, it is vital to use visually appealing slides that can help convey your message in a more informed manner. The pros and cons templates can be used by anybody, from team leaders to members and from students to teachers. It is extremely versatile and can be customized as per the user’s requirement. Using these templates can help you haste up your work and ease your task.

Useful Template -

pros and cons powerpoint templates
Pros And Cons


6. Timeline Template

A timeline helps showcase the company’s key achievements and successes. It can be used as a tool for strategic analysis that can help craft the future timeline. Managers can use it to show project timelines, while educators can use it to display the timeline of educational programs.

Useful Template -

startup timeline templates
Startup Timeline


7. SWOT Analysis

This is the most important feature of every business plan and strategy that most investors look for. This Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat analysis helps companies determine the factors of growth and stagnation. Having a creative and professionally designed SWOT analysis slide in your corporate presentations can help you get hold of big business investors.

Useful Template -

SWOT analysis presentation
SWOT Analysis


8. Roles and Responsibilities

With these templates, you can represent the roles and responsibilities of various teams/departments in a captivating manner. Project managers and team leaders can use these decks to explain what each team member is supposed to do within a specified deadline.

Useful Template -

roles and responsibilities templates
Roles And Responsibilities


9. Creative Organization

This template will help you showcase relations between departments, hierarchical structures, and also ranking orders. It is best-suited for HR and team leaders to explain the team hierarchy and who is supposed to report to whom.

Useful Template -

creative organizational chart presentation
Creative Organizational Chart


10. Problem Statement

This template helps convey the problems that need to be resolved at the earliest. Using these decks, you can represent the strategic approach towards the problem, its solution, result, and impact. The key benefit of using these templates is that it conveys your statement in a more visually appealing manner.

Useful Template -

problem statement powerpoint templates
Problem Statement



Great PowerPoint presentations are extremely crucial to every business’ growth and expansion. While most entrepreneurs and company executives invest hours of their precious time building them from scratch, the others always choose captivating templates and edit them as per their needs. This saves much of their time that can be spent building growth strategies and plans for the company.

We hope that these templates help you in your presentations!



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