Public Speaking: How to Use the Stage Effectively?

public speaking
Public Speaking: How to Use the Stage Effectively?

Let us look at an example from the past to understand how utilizing the stage like a pro can help you get the ball in your court.

Have you wondered the difference between Martin Luther King and his contemporaries? What was that one significant quality of the earlier that made him stand out from the crowd to be remembered by generations? Perhaps, he used his stage effectively when he spoke. He spoke with unshakable confidence with a rhythm that had no match.

Now the question is, how can we inculcate the same practices and use the stage effectively while presenting? Consider the following.

  1. Make Stage First Impression

Most of the presenters believe that they can make an impressive first impression through their effective speech. Well, this is true. But, how you take the stage also matters a lot in crafting a stellar impression. The audience immediately scrutinizes a speaker and makes an initial perception, even before that speaker articulates a single word.

  • Know whether you will enter the stage from the right, left, or backside and where you will stand on the stage. It will make your entrance more purposeful.
  • Flaunt confidence in your body language and gestures.
  • Dress up appropriately.
  • Fill the audience with energy through your passion.
  • Take the stage with a smile on your face.

2. Don’t Hide Behind the Podium, be in the Spotlight

Hiding behind the podium gives an impression that you lack confidence and knowledge. Further, it restricts your gestures and movement, thereby restraining your communication. So, get away from the podium and make eye contact with your audience. It will make your speech conversational and help the audience feel more connected to you.

Check the TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson. See how passionately he delivered his speech while covering the stage effectively.

3. Don’t Stand at One Place, Walk with Normal Pace
Instead of standing at one place, deliver your speech walking around the stage during the transitions between points. The intensity of your moves may vary depending on the direction you are walking towards. During the transitions between movements, take a pause and make eye contact with your audience.

Important Tips:

  • Move on the stage purposefully, not just for the sake of walking.
  • Your movements should look natural, not choreographed.

Watch this Ted Talk video of Simon Sinek and check out how beautifully he managed his movements on the stage.

4. Use Microphones/Mic in the Right Manner

Make use of hand-held or hands-free microphones based on speakers to amplify your voice and make it audible to the audience. Below are some tips for using the microphone correctly:

  • Test the microphone/mic before delivering the speech to ensure it is working properly.
  • If you are speaking over a stationary mic attached to a table or podium, move it down to make your face clearly visible to the audience.
  • If you are using a hand-held microphone, position it in such a way that it doesn’t block your face
  • Hold the microphone closer to your mouth to make your voice sound loud.

Watch this clip and notice the huge difference in volume between the woman with the red scarf and the moderator (the person who is talking at 11:30).

The Bottom Line

Remember that even though the content is the king, the way you deliver it rules the kingdom! So, conquer your stage fear. Learn how to use your body language to establish your credibility as a speaker, make a compelling stage impression, and ace your public speaking endeavors.

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